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Getting to the root cause is key to recovery

When I was searching for answers to my chronic health problems, I asked this question over and over again - WHY? 

I believe that by simply treating the symptoms - not asking why the disease came about in the first place and what is continuing to drive your symptoms - you can never be truly well.

Functional medicine is a science-based and holistic approach to health, focussing on identifying and addressing the root causes of your disease or symptoms. Using laboratory testing and exploring your individual health timeline, alongside dietary and lifestyle analysis, enables us to identify your personal risk factors, triggers and drivers, and more importantly, address these, with evidence-based strategies, to get you feeling better and living your life to the full again.

We are all unique, from our genetic blueprint to our gut microbiome, and our diet, lifestyle, emotions and environment can have a profound impact on our health. 

Are you ready to find out your WHY and learn how to recover your health by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle? 

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