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Your Gut-Healing Package

12-Week Personalised Gut Healing Package

Feel Better in Just 12 Weeks!


Package Includes:

  1. Initial online 90-minute consultation to really understand your personal health history and determine the root cause of your symptoms. We'll address how your current diet and lifestyle may be driving your gut symptoms and the modifications needed to get you feeling better!

  2. Two further 45-minute follow-up consultations to check progress, tackle any challenges and discuss the next steps in your plan.

  3. A personalised written plan will be provided after each consultation, including recommendations for diet, lifestyle, supplements and testing* 

  4. Email support provided in-between appointments as needed for the duration of the 12-week package**

*Nutritional supplements and functional testing are optional and not included in the cost of the package. Supplements will be checked for suitability alongside prescription medications and a 10% discount available whenever possible

**Package to be completed within 12 weeks of first consultation

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