It's Time to Take your Life Back!

Witnessing many people in clinic suffering with chronic fatigue, I knew this was my calling!

As a Nutritionist and Wellbeing Coach I specialise in helping people recover from chronic fatigue, regain energy and vitality and uncover the secrets to staying well!

Each one of us is unique. By getting to know you, your past and present health challenges and lifestyle, we can uncover the root cause of your symptoms, and provide personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle advice to get you back on track and on your way to feeling like you again.

The human body has amazing capacity for healing, if we take the time to nurture ourselves we can restore balance and harmony to body and mind.



I attended a 2-day Nutrition assessment with Amy earlier in the year. 
Amy was very knowledgeable and very approachable and looked thoroughly at my Nutrition needs and dietary requirements. I do a lot of exercise and my immune system was very poor at the time, since seeing Amy my immune system is much better and my diet is much improved and have continued to use all the valuable information she gave me.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amy to all my friends who need Nutrition advice.


Having spent many months tired and fatigued and feeling hopeless I contacted Rejuvenate Health & Nutrition. Amy listened to and understood my concerns and helped me to understand my declining health. We worked together to create doable nutrition and lifestyle changes and I am thrilled to embrace life with energy once again. Thank you! Highly recommended.


I was going through a stressful period at work and suffering with gut problems and general tiredness.
Some days just left me feeling exhausted. I was making poor food choices and eating on the run. Talking to Amy I now understand that my body was telling me to slow down.
With some adjustments to my diet and lifestyle I feel much happier and have more energy. Thank you!



“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

Theodore Roosevelt

Image by Melissa Askew